Австралийская модель Эмили Сирс согревает своей красотой пользователей Instagram.

Блондинка, кажется, хочет стать преемницей секс-символа 90-х – Памелы Андерсон. Эмили появлялась на обложках "GQ", "FHM", "Zoo Weekly" и "Maxim". Модель сотрудничает с популярными брендами и, можно сказать, прокладывает дорогу к популярности грудью.

Сейчас на блог Эмили Сирс в Instagram подписаны 4,3 млн человек. Неудивительно, что за ней следит такое количество блогеров. Сирс – девушка не стеснительная и любит показать все, чем наградила ее природа и упорный труд в спортзале. Параметры фигуры Эмили Сирс: грудь – 82 см, талия – 60 см, бедра – 91 см. Рост Эмили Сирс составляет 172 см.

Эмили родилась в Мельбурне, 1 января 1985 года. Сегодня она живет в Лос-Анджелесе. Красотка ведет активный образ жизни и пропагандирует его. Фото Эмили Сирс в нашей подборке.



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Often, when I share articles or thoughts regarding things I believe are important, I'm faced with the criticism that I'm not the person for the job, because of the provocative nature of my work and content, (or the projections placed upon it). I always wonder, why not? If not me, then who? People suggest because I have male fans, I shouldn't get to talk about feminism.. but I wonder, if everyone who followed me was already an empowered, fiercely feminist woman, wouldn't I simply be preaching to the choir? I'm aware that I'm not what people expect me to be, but I'm proud to embrace that as my power. I'm grateful for the ability to present ideas to people who might have otherwise never thought twice. I don't have the power to enforce these ideas-people are only ever capable of understanding from their own point of reference or experience. What I have to say is about me, how others receive it is about them. That's ok, and I stand by the value of having a voice simply because of the countless messages of support from men (and women) who have thanked me for sharing. I think anytime we have the ability to challenge stereotypes, we bridge gaps between one another and find connection. The inherent belief that my work, pictures of my body, invalidates my mind, even as far reaching as people assuming I don't actually enjoy what I do (it's been about 10 years and I haven't quit yet) is essentially tied into slut shaming, and the denial of my agency. I'm not suggesting men shouldn't like sexy pictures of women, only that they remember and maintain that we're whole people. Powerful women come in all kinds of packages. Let's continue to embrace that. We are witnessing an era of change. ✨ 🌹@maryhollandlingerie ❤️ @rockybatchelor

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Everything I'm not made me everything I am 🦂🍂🌞🍁✨@megbatphoto

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