Чего только не придумают пользователи Сети. В Instagram набирает популярность страничка девушки, занимающейся йогой голышом.

Владелица аккаунта не стесняется своего тела. Она находится в отличной форме. На различных фото девушка принимает фантастические позы. Блогер принимает позиции в виде букв, а также выполняет сложные асаны.

- Доверие и любовь к своему телу – две главные вещи, которые мне помогла обрести йога. Когда на мне нет одежды, я чувствую себя гораздо свободнее и моя связь с телом становится более сильной, - пишет девушка на страничке.

Количество подписчиков у любительницы йоги достигло порядка 600 тысяч человек. Сама хозяйка страницы остается инкогнито. Она призывает своих фолловеров любить себя такими, какие они есть.


Many things can revolutionise our world, but in our everyday lives it's often done by other people. Just seeing someone can have big consequences. ❤️ If I think about my past, all of my closest relationships have had a reason and a consequence. I'm who I am today mainly because of those people and that environment which they have created for me. ❤️ They say you're the average of the five people you spend the most with. But also smaller meetings can be very very important. And a short meeting can turn into a lifetime relationship too, you never know! I love to spend time with people who challenge me to think. Who give me new ideas and thoughts, not just by speaking but by asking the right questions. If someone questioned me in something, usually I reacted by defending my point of view, which is normal I quess. But usually when I think about it later... it maybe pushed me in good way. ❤ It's very interesting to spend time with people who are better than me in something that I want to learn, so I can learn by watching and observing. If I can choose, I want to meet people who are positive and supportive. ❤️ But especially lately I have started to realize that we can learn a lot, from whom we least expect it. They are our mirror, like all people. If someone has qualities that we dislike, it tells something about ourselves.❤

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"There is peaceful. There is wild. I am both at the same time." ❤

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